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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  December 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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there was some argument between two people and that is when they, that one offduty officer went in there and injured the confrontation shot the man who was armed 37 witnesses described a very chaotic scene of having heard gunfire and ran for the exit. >> at first we thought it was fireworks or something. someone playing a prank then we you saw the crowd running towards us, and fay almostly started to -- my family started to run out of the mall. >> i don't know, were they fighting for? >> reporter: we're told paramedics treated three other people including a woman in labor and police are continuing to investigate and we'll have more details subpoenas they become available. susan tran, 7 news. >> anchor: thank you, we're following more breaking news out of shirley where the state prison is on lockedown. as state police investigate whether shots were fired
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or inside. right now there are no reports of injuries, but investigators at the m.c.i.shirley area are investigating those reports. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get that on the lockdown there. >> anchor: 7 news turning to the weather. holiday heat warming up this christmas eve, some usual sights on the beach for this time of year. unusual that should be sights on the beach. and with the temperatures, why not go outside and run and enjoy it while you can. >> anchor: exactly. for now we're setting records. how long will this nice weather last? let's go over to bri eggers. >> this is crazy, feels more like the 4th of july. is anybody having this issue where people are tweeting you snow picks. our highs today 70 for norwood, beverly as well. 69 for boston. shattering records all across the board. as you can see for worcester the old record 57.
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was 61 set back in 1996. we've only had three christmases on record that were 60 degrees or above so this is very bizarre. if you've been thinking that you are right. even blossoms coming out of the garden. 66 in boston. 68 norwood. 63 worcester and how about the dew points? did you notice this today? bringing back the frizz factor for your christmas miracle. or something like that. you might notice some of that as you are getting ready for your christmas eve party tonight. there is a breeze as well out of the southwest pumping in the mild air. worcester, 20 miles an hour, so sustained wind. partly cloudy skies, that will be the way it is throughout the night tonight. the dew points will be dropping as well. not as muggy tomorrow. 46-56. for the lows thin for tomorrow, mild again. not quite as warm as today. if those temperatures would december. we can't keep it the way it
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we do see the temperatures drop a touch for saturday. then rise again for sunday but what a difference from sunday into monday. possibly even some winter pre-sipp. even snow possible as we make it into tuesday, we'll cover that more in a few minutes. >> anchor: as you head out to the holiday destination time for traffic. here is joe stapleton with a check of the road out there. >> reporter: thank you, taking a look southbound on the expressway, it looks tight here down by mass avenue. but this is actually an improving situation. we had an earlier crash down by by andrews square. on the mass pike westbound, no complaints at all. eastbound or westbound. out by exit 17 making your way to the newton area, very quiet on 128 near the mass pike and mass pike out by route 495. moving well out by exit 9 in sturbridge as well. nothing major hoar around 128. all green for the most part. northbound and southbound.
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>> anchor: to a story you will see on just one station, a nightmare before christmas in mattapan. police say a grinch stole gifts from a mother of five. police say someone break no the home stealing all of the presents and they're serching for a suspect. nicole oliverio has the story you will only see here. >> reporter: coleen's children are grateful no matter what they have. but this mom of five wants the same thing as any parents. to give her children a wonderful christmas. but she is afraid that won't happen this year. >> they stole my kid's christmas basically. >> reporter: on tuesday she came back from shopping and went to hide her gifts. >> i had a weird feeling something wasn't right. >> reporter: the closet filled with presents ransacked. all the toys were gone. >> i was thinking they're going to appear. where are they? this is my children's christmas. >> reporter: her back door and window were open. someone broke in and stole everything she had. >> somebody must have been
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gifts. i don't know how people can be so cruel. >> reporter: to make things even more difficult for safety reasons they were' forced to manufacture on christmas eve -- move on christmas eve. >> we don't even have a tree. i had to buy lights to put up so that they would have an area when they wake up -- >> reporter: she doesn't know if santa can fill the spot. her kids ages 16, 9, 5 and 3-year-old twins want to be together and that something that can't be taken away. >> there is nothing you can do about it. this is my life right now. you know, i do everything for my kids. >> reporter: with hours left before santa arrives coleen is going to take what little money and time and try to make this the best christmas possible for her family and looking forward to a better 2016. in dorchester, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> anchor: if you haven't finished the last-minute shopping there is not much
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most stores will shut their doors within the next couple of hours. kimberly bookman is live at the south shore plaza where shoppers were less than an hour, how is it looking? >> reporter: that's right. the stores close at 6:00. you can see over my shoulder it's very busy here. what we're finding is most people have at least one or two really big bags. the big difference this season is despite all of the decorations the beautiful garland is that it's so warm here. that attributed to why there shopping. most of the shoppers aren't wearing jackets. in hopes of staying out of the doughouse these people all of them are use the last few hours before christmas eve to buy gifts they didn't get around to picking up until, well, right now. >> i still have to get for my brother, my aunt, my mom and my dad. everyone else, sorry, guys.
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on ka makings her way through -- >> i have a long list and not a lot of time. >> reporter: he goes trait to pandora to get jewelry for the ladies in his face, what he finds are a lot of other people -- >> people we love. been in line for an hour now. >> reporter: the wow gift of the season hand down is the hover board. >> my brother has been asking for a long time now. >> reporter: navigating a -- >> it's about 23 pound that is what the guy was telling me it's heavy so i'm tired. i got to run to the car and do the best of the shopping remit new parents came -- >> reporter: these new parents came to the mall. >> you have to do it. >> reporter: as child after child told santa what they wanted. >> i asked for a gymnaststicks but -- >> reporter: elves were funding towards the finish line. feel we understand the most
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are anything technical, anything that plugs in, the best sales are on all winter weather gear. kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> anchor: the patriots preparing for a tough task on sunday. the task head to new york where they will face a familiar foe. the jets. big steaks on the line as new england look to clinch home play-off field advantage. alex has more. >> reporter: as you said the patriots can lock up home field throughout the with the win but the stakes are higher for the jets. survival. it's win or done. tom brady and the pats would like nothing marathon to play the role of the grinch on sunday. >> merry christmas. >> shopping done? >> yes. >> reporter: tom brady's crossed every item off his list and going to get to play with an early christmas gift belichick got him, steven jackson. >> what you would expect.
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takes good care of himself. so, hopefully he can add a lot to the team. >> reporter: making his running back feel right at home is important. >> try to welcome the guy, get them up to speed because these guys can help you win. we've guys playing that weren't here a month ago that can help us win, that is the way it is. >> reporter: disease spite less than supportive comments concerning deflate-gate, brady says his opinion of the all the procorner hasn't changed. >> no, no. it's fun to watch him play. he has a unique style. but is lock this is guy down. i think that is pretty impressive to do it for as many years as he has. >> reporter: brady is going to have his hands full with revis and gang green again this sunday. >> hadn't been the defense that has been, you know a walk in the park for our offense. it has been a big challenge, it's tough. it's tough but we're grinding through it trying
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page and the i'm sure we'll feel good about the game plan once we get to the game. >> reporter: taking the high road on revis will keep him on santa's nice list which is a good thing considering that each of the last meetings have been decided by 7 points or fewer, alex corddry, 7 news. >> anchor: turning to wild weather, rare december thunderstorms spawned more than a dozen tornadoes in mismisalone. -- mississippi alone. crews are trying to find many others who are still missing. they're images we are eused to seeing during early spring, not during christmas, homes ripped away from tornadoes, part of a powerful storm system that wept across the south and parts of the mid west. >> this should be a joyous holiday season. it will not be for many.
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it hit late last night with deadly tornadoes touching down in three states. just west of nashville, tennessee rescuers search for people buried under the rubble. >> much of last night trying to extract the people out that were trapped. after several hours we were able to get them to safety. >> reporter: in mississippi, a 7-year-old boy died when the vehicle he was in was struck by a torn tow. 18 -- tornado. 18 people were transported to the hospital. many more were injured. >> i could not even begin to tell you how many walking wounded went to the doctor or hospitals. >> reporter: people are returning to assess the damage as power cruise work to restore electricity. >> considering what has happened, it's bad but it could have been a lot worse. >> anchor: the risk of torpedoes is diminishing but people are shifting their concerns to the possibility of flash flooding across parts of the southeast and mid atlantic.
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now approach the region. >> anchor: following more news, belgium police have arrested a 9th suspect linked to last month's terror attacks in paris. police arrested the man earlier this week but kept it quiet. they say he had been in contact with the suspected ring leader's cousin several times. the suspected ring lieder amend his cousin were killed days after the attack in a shoot-out with police. >> i recall noyes clears that daily fantasy sports contests are illegal. the companies such as draft kings and fan fuel should stop accepting entries from illinois. >> at 5:00 a holiday celebration getting a bit too rowdy. why one governor is facing backlash for her role in the ordeal. >> a bizarre standoff in rhode island. >> in one hour chipotle giving the green light to
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after a norovirus weeks back but another concern delays the restaurant reopening. >> a major development in the aaron hernandez double murder trial after the defense and prosecution make a similar request. >> if you see something you think needs investigating tell hank. hank phillipi ryan wants to hear your tips.
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>> anchor: an apparent party foul for a rising star in the republican party. the governor of new mexico facing backlash after what some are calling a rowdy time. susana martinez was hosting a holiday gathering for staff. >> when the party moved to a hotel room the wild night got out of control. new mexico's governor dodging questions about her staff party that has her integrity under attack. the party carried over into a hotel room. guests complained. already. they're not quieting down. >> reporter: that was a desk. then dispatch got another call. >> hi, this is governor susana martinez. >> reporter: she called police dispatch personally demanding to know which hotel guests complained and
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>> i want to know who they are. you can tell the police but you won't tell me? i get it from the cops. apology was made. >> i should have never talked to central dispatch the way i did and i own it. >> reporter: since new audio is raising questions about her statement that she only had a drink and a half. the officer is heard on the recording saying she seems seems to refute her own bottle denials bottles had been thrown from a public balcony. >> reporter: her office clarified it was snow balls, not bottles being thrown. no glass was found. the ep side provides further evidence the popular republican governor can't be treated. holiday party that turned into a political hangover. so the party problems could carry over on to the campaign trail.
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as a possible vice presidential candidate. >> up next a patriots powerhouse featured in an upcoming commercial but he is not the one stealing the spotlight. >> crazy christmas weather, even some families heading to the beach. big cooldown on the way for us. we'll cover it all in the forecast next. >> anchor: then a christmas mystery in salem. a couple accused of stealing hundreds of dollars of toys from a mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't
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>> anchor: we know santa claus is pretty busy right now getting ready to work early tonight. yesterday. in other parts of the world and thanks to norad you can follow jolly old st. nick tonight. hopefully he gets frequent [laughter] >> anchor: if and when santa makes it to your house are you getting what you asked for? >> anchor: i don't know. i think i've been good. >> speaking of good the weather is gorgeous. you can see the breaks brake lights but mild traffic and wonderful temperatures. breaking record temperatures. >> anchor: good travel night. >> reporter: it is for us here but i've been getting pictures seeing all of the snow that is happening out west. but this weather a little odd to have us. it's like wearing somebody else's shoes.
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66 in boston. look at the dew points 60 degrees, we broke out the frizz factor again today. even the beach forecast appropriate. still on track to be the warmest december on record. average temperature without today included 46.1. so a lot of people have asked me how did other warm december fare with seasonal snow totals? food for thought to go with the christmas dinner tonight. the top three warmest decembers before this year only saw seasonal snow totals in the teens. so there is that. take it for what it's worth. highs today 70 norwood. 70 beverly. 65 worcester. 69 boston. we break the record today for all across the board and only three times since record keeping began have we seen christmas temperatures 60 or above and most recept one was in 1964. not so recent. normal highs is 39 degrees. currently temperatures no where close to that.
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63 for worcester and the dew points again still a touch high for us. so getting ready for your christmas party tonight. you might notice that it's a little unruly with the dew. that is to be expected what we have dew points in the 60s, won't be as bad temperatures mild. a bit of a brees and wince from worcester 20 miles an hour, 13 miles an hour winds in boston but it's a mild breeze. overnight. maybe you can see that almost full moon. areas of fog could form. again it's a lot of moisture out there. all the rain that we had last night had a hard time drying off today. 46-56 for lows. tomorrow still mild. 56-62 well above normal. christmas full moon hasn't happened since 1977. it's 100% about an hour before it sets. it won't happen again until 2034. highs tomorrow 20 degrees above normal. 59 for boston and some spots
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possibly making it to the low 60s again. we have to wait until sunday for a better chance for the rain to show up again. but it does look like rain. monday, a little more questionable here. temperatures certainly dropping off but let's get through the weekend first. clouds move in. they stick around with us. then we do get that shot at rain early sunday morning. possibly another round as we get into the afternoon. but here is what is happening with the temperatures. you've had the big boost. we get a bit of a dip allowing for colder air to move in on saturday. right back up for sunday and then winter arrives as we get into the beginning of next week. it'll feel much more like winter. those temperatures dropping from 62 on sunday to 36 on monday. we're talking well above average to below average temperatures. we're even looking at the potential for some snowfall, sleet, even freezing rain a possible. tuesday looks to be a mess but we have time to nail down the details and we'll do it for you.
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family is featured in a new visa commercial and dan steals some of the spotlight. >> i love you. >> what are you doing. >> gronk. >> what do you think you are doing? >> anchor: dan is no stranger to the patriots jersey. the two played together for a handful of games in 2011. that is funny one. >> new kid on the block. wahlberg has competition in the kinger. gorm knight has his finger prints on a new restaurant in milton. he excited about how he was excited to work with the area's newest attractions. >> anchor: at 5:30 former boston woman winning big. how she turned a few bucks las vegas. >> anchor: holidays in hawaii. harvard basketball team
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for the praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders
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than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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>> anchor: so is there another 60 minutes of 7 news ahead, i'm elizabeth norieka from i'm jadiann thompson, 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: searching for suspects. police hoping for a holiday miracle after a couple walks away with donated toys. >> a. shopping scare when a mother and her daughter say a striker walked up and exposed himself. >> a muslim man says his loved ones were turned away because of their religion. >> anchor: holiday surprise for a former boston woman turning $5 and a few lucky picks into big money. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> anchor: right now we continue to follow breaking news coming to us out of shirley. sky 7 over the massachusetts correctional institution there on lockdown as we speak.
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reports of shots fired
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